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What Andaman is……
A slice of paradise, Definitely HEAVEN

Andaman Islands is a part of India, but very very far from India. Its located near Burma (Myanmar) and Thailand.

The islands were shrouded in mystery for centuries because of their inaccessibility.

There are 572 islands Of these, only 38 are permanently inhabited rest are uninhabited and just islets, reefs and exposed rocks forming a part of the broken chain of islands, with an Active volcano (Barren Island) and Extinct Volcano (Narcondam Island).

Still there are stone age tribe’s here and the islands where they live are not permitted to go there.

Diving and Game Fishing is amazing and extreme here at the islands.

Havelock island’s Radhanagar Beach was rated – “BEST BEACH IN ASIA – TIME MAGAZINE 2004”

Year 2001 UNDP carried out coral reef survey of the Andaman Islands, during which three new species of coral were discovered and the Andaman Islands were declared a World Heritage Site.


You will be fishing at the world’s last and the best, virgin untouched fishing grounds, as here no heavy commercial fishing happens. Andaman islands are often said to be the first game fishing destination not only in Southeast Asia but also in the World. So be ready for very very BIG GIANT TRAVALLY, TUNA – you will find all species of tuna here, BARACUDA, DOLPHIN FISH, WAHOO, GROUPER’S, and the GIANTS – BLACK & BLUE MARLIN, SAILFISH, SWORD FISH. And the Sea Monsters – SHARK’S – you will find all of them partying here – HAMMER HEAD SHARK, GREY REEF SHARK, WHITE TIP REEF SHARK, TIGER SHARK and many more. All you will find XXXL SIZE. You can fish all the styles here - Extreme Heavy Popping, Jigging, Trolling.

When to visit the Andaman Islands……

Dec - Mar

High Season Time. Great Pleasant Amazing Weather for Fishing and anything on the Sea.

Day’s -Hot & Sunny

Night’s – Cool

Apr - May

Weather is good. Best time for Surfing

Day’s – Very Hot

Night’s – Little Cool

Jun - Nov

Monsoon Sets in and heavy rains, strong winds, rough sea all the time, sometime gets good but cannot predict the Andaman weather during this time.

When lucky sometime depending on weather we might get a chance to get out on the sea for Rain Fishing. Be the Storm Chaser’s.

Whats the Climate……

Andaman Sea, it is tropical throughout the year with an average minimum temperature of around 23°C and maximum of around 30°C.

Humidity is very high between 70% and 90% with a gentle breeze blowing most the time. The weather is generally pleasant with average annual rainfall of 3,000 mm in Port Blair.

Air temperature: 23°C - 35°C (73°F - 95°F), always warm and can be very hot and humid, nights often cooler.

Water temperature in the Andaman Sea is around 27°C to 30°C (80°F - 86°F), very pleasant.

How to reach Andaman Islands……

You have to reach Port Blair its the main town and the only airport at Andaman Islands. We are located at Port Blair. There are daily scheduled flights from Chennai and Kolkata - India to Port Blair. There are no international flights directly to Port Blair, Andaman Islands. You can look for flight schedules to Port Blair on internet.

What are the Visa requirements…….

All foreign nationals are required to apply for a Tourist Indian Visa at your country’s Indian Embassy or Consulate. Passport must be valid for at least SIX MONTHS. When applying for Visa we suggest you mention Chennai or Kolkata as your destination because you will have to arrive Chennai or Kolkata first then you take a flight to Port Blair, Andaman Islands. Andaman Islands require a special (RAP) - Restricted Area Permit, which you get on arrival at the Port Blair Airport. You will be permitted to stay for 30 days and later on if you wish to stay more long it can be extended for 15 days more maximum. That’s all….

Whats the currency……

Its ( ) Indian Rupee. We can help you in getting your currency exchanged. Credit Cards are not accepted everywhere but some places, but there are many ATM’s where you can withdraw cash.