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Hook On


Boss Sajid Ghani grew up in andaman islands…. this guy into automobile’s and was into exporting of live fishes to Thailand… caught by hook n line method…. seems interesting… he spent days n nights far away in sea with local fisherman’s, skipper’s, crew’s, deckie’s and don’t know whoelse….. until the 2004 Tsunami struck when he was on shore of Havelock Island..... you should hear this from him, so with his years in the andaman sea and if your luck hits the bullseye you will find him aboard utopia…. and son Zeeshan a adrenaline crunk who is ready for anything anytime is a media communication guy but into automobile’s got some serious lessons from father right from his childhood…. father and son who are each others best friend thought why not some serious game fishing in Andaman Sea… so you will be fishing with the very best and we mean the best in the Andaman Sea.